What is America in Bloom?


America in Bloom provides a framework for continuous improvements in quality of life through its national awards program and educational offerings.

Here is what AIB participants say about the program.

A quality of life improvement program
…a great concept that can help develop both beautification and economic improvement
...a grassroots program that believes that connecting people and plants is important to everyone's quality of life
...propagates the love of plants and their interaction with our communities
…enhances cities to make them better places to live
…promotes community health by using horticulture
…builds pride of place for communities and enhances awareness of different facets of the community

 A community improvement program

…an opportunity to make a community more appealing through community involvement
…a challenging experience, but worth the effort to see a cocoon become a butterfly
…a nationwide program that brings a community together to beautify inside and out
…a unique and informative creative concept to highlight your community and improve overall involvement of the neighborhoods
…a wonderful shot in our community’s arm; through it we are reborn
…a community effort to beautify and improve your town by getting the residents involved
…an opportunity for communities to identify and build their image
…amazing as it provides the process to get cities and towns moving and working together to improve their communities

A civic pride and community involvement program
…promotes and showcases pride in cities
…nurtures volunteerism
…pulls together volunteers to impact the community
…a building and enhancement program
…a contagious awakening of community pride
…a method for involving the total community in planting pride

An educational and community engagement program
…makes us more aware of how beautiful we can make our communities by working together
…a teaching experience to educate rather than criticize
…serves as a catalyst for building community pride, participation, passion and education

A source of inspiration
…inspiring and encouraging
…inspiration for change and improvement

A catalyst
…a great resource and motivator to improve our city’s public image as well as revenue for downtown businesses
…a municipal and volunteer self improvement program that brings the community together
…a vehicle to coordinate community improvement
…a catalyst for action on a continuing basis

A friendly competition
…a friendly competition that serves our community as a unifier for the various non-profits, corporations, private citizens for a common goal
…an awards program that can be used to generate enthusiasm and education for community-wide improvement projects

A valuable tool
…comprehensive inexpensive survey of a city
…a powerful community building tool
…a program that, via the judges' evaluation, gives us an annual list of issues to address