Benefits of Participation

Professional written evaluation

Judges that visit you will prepare a professional written evaluation that includes observations and suggestions in all the evaluated criteria. You can use this as a roadmap for future projects and improvements. Many mayors have told us that if they had hired consultants to create a similar report, it would cost upwards of $10,000. This is just one of the ways participation in America in Bloom offers a great return on investment. 

Here's what participants say about their evaluation:

- It was so well written! Great suggestions! Good photos!

-  A lot of work went into the evaluation and we really appreciate the effort on the part of the judges for their great contribution

- A very helpful and educational direction for our community

- The report is one of the main reasons to participate in AIB. It is a great planning tool to help improve your community.... Overall, the report will be very helpful with improving the community.

-Fair, thoughtful and packed full of great ideas!! (and practical ideas that we can probably do!!)

People notice the little things. Cared-for buildings and properties, colorful plants, and a clean environment are reflections of a thriving, caring municipality. America in Bloom helps spread the message: this is a great place to live, work, play, and visit.

One of the comments we hear over and over is how the program brings residents together who might not normally work collaboratively on common goals. For instance, the people who serve on the tree commission might not know the people who serve the historic district or chamber of commerce.

They all want to work for the betterment of their town and can maximize their efforts together as they participate in AIB. Their participation often becomes a springboard for positive momentum to do more to improve their cities and pursue grants. Time and time again, AIB has proven to be a catalyst for positive change.

Increased civic pride

Participants continue to tell us that being part of the program changes lives, helps improve the community, and makes a visible difference in their towns.

The phenomenon of the “AIB bug” that infects people who have become involved with the program is palpable. Once citizens experience the true community spirit that results when everyone pitches in to make visible improvements, there is often no turning back. Citizens come to relish the community as it has been transformed - it’s a whole different kind of urban renewal.

Decreased vandalism and crime

Well-tended communities have less crime. That’s why the woman in charge of Downtown Indianapolis’s plantings was honored as the crime fighter of the year by the police department. It’s just not comfortable to be a criminal in a garden.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits ranging from reducing heating and cooling costs to improving property values, from improving privacy and security to reducing maintenance costs have been documented, as has the potential for deriving new economic benefits from parks, sporting facilities, and increased tourism. View the Economic Benefits of Plants resource list for more examples.