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We are grateful for sponsorships, both financial and in-kind, which sustain our efforts. Much of our promotion is possible via in-kind donations from several industry magazines. Other sponsors provide monetary funding for our activities. We aggressively leverage our modest budget through volunteer efforts, in-kind donations, and industry financial support.

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 15-Year Birthday Contributors - Thank You
Mark Ahronian
Douglas Airhart
Evelyn and Joe Alemanni
Sue and Steve Amatangelo
Eric Anderson
Anna Ball
Bobby Barnitz
Sue Barnitz
Drew Becher
Diane Berry
Mayor Blair
Billy Butterfield
Castle Rock in Bloom
Jack Clasen
Linda Cromer
Cultivate Catskill
Bev Dunkle
Marshall Dirks
John Dole
Jim Eason
Majorie Egee
Carol Elliott
Tony Ferrara
Dale Fisher and Jon Carloftis
Debbie Frame
Bill Foster
Ann Garrity
GIE Media
Racquel Giese
GPN Magazine
Clayton Guler
Charlie Hall
Linda and Chris Hart
Walter & Jane Heath
Holliston in Bloom
Ed Hooker and Rod Barnes
Jean Humeniuk
J Frank Schmidt
Clayton Johnson
Laura Kunkle
Anne Leventry
Michael Lorentz
Dwight and Vivian Lund
Edith Makra and David Kusnierz
John Manchester
Marvin Miller
Steve Mostardi
Tim Mulry
Delilah Onofrey
Stephen & Kristin Pategas
Alex and Jane Pearl
Pen & Petal
Ron Pierre
Leslie Pittenger
Mitchell Rand
Bruce Riggs
Melanie Riggs
Diane Rinkes
Bill Rasbach
River Falls in Bloom
Jo Ellen Sharp
Sara Sheets
Kathy and Bob Shore
Tarboro in Bloom
Martha Trubey
Barbara Vincentsen
Mary-Beth Wagner
Katy Moss Warner
Kris Warren
Rick Webb
Wanda Weder
Diana Weiner
Meg Whitmer
Teresa Woodard
Craig Yoshida
Mary and Paul Zahl
Frank Zaunscherb 
 Raffle Ticket Contributors
Ball Calkins & Mason Day, Ball
Jason Adams
Ken Altman, Altman Plants
Lisa Ambrosio, Wenke Greenhouses
Dale Bachman, Bachman's
Bob Barnitz, Bob's Market & Greenhouses, Inc.
Terri Bates Cantwell, Bates Sons & Daughters
Kurt Becker, Dramm Corp
Steve Bennett, Riverbend Nurseries
Chris Bernacchi, Ball Seed Co
Fred N. Blackmore, Jr., Blackmore Company
Stephen Blacksmith, Ball Seed Company
Donald Bleeck, Suncoast Nursery
Cees Boonman, Ball Horticultural Company
Albert Bordine, Bordine Nursery
Rick Bradt, AMA Plastics
Fiona Brinks, Bordine's
Karen Brohl, Brohl's Flower Garden
Andrew Brown, Ball Seed Co
Ron Brum, Ball Seed
Elizabeth Bucari, Ball Horticultural Company
Marcelyn Buist Byl, Micandy Gardens
Lisa Campbell, Danville Gardens,
Nathan Campbell, Danville Gardens
Tom Clesen, Clesen Wholesale
Deborah Conterato, Ball Horticultural Company
Chad Corso, Corso Perennials
Chris Corwin, Ball Seed
Eileen Creque, Creque's Greenhouse
Mark De Jong, De Jong
Mike DeRee, Ball Seed Company
John Dole, North Carolina State University
Tim Duffin, Ball Horticultural
Max Epp Jr, Ball Seed
Vaughn Fletcher, Fletcher Consulting
Dave Foltz, Ivy Acres Inc
Todd Frauendorfer, Ball Horticultural Company
George Freas, Ball Seed Co.
Matt Freeman
Douglas Gortsema, Ball
Ray Greenstreet, Greenstreet Growers, Inc.
Lee Griesbach, Ball Horticultrual Company
Brett Guthrie, Bell Nursery USA LLC
Mona Haberer, Hortica
Charles Hall, Texas A&M University
Debbie Hamrick
Mike Heins, Illumitex
Shirley Herzlich, Ball Horticultural Company
Jason Hough, Ball Horticultural Company
Stephen Huber, McHutchison
David Jewell, Illumetex
Clayton Johnson, Ball Seed
Cathy Johnston, Tri State Foliage
Lela Kelly, Dosatron International,
James Kennedy, Ball Horticulture
Red Kennicott, Kennicott Brothers
Nathan King, Ball Seed
Janet Kister, Sunlet
Michael Klopmeyer, Darwin
Laura Kunkle and Michelle Gaston
Anne Leventry, PanAmerican Seed
Jerry Mahoney
John Manchester
Scott McAdam, McAdam's Landscaping
Thomas McElroy, Newton Greenhouses
Marvin Miller, Ball Horticultural Company
Lisa Minter-Bustin, Minter Country Gardens
Jim Mitchell, Mitchell's Nursery
Rick Ouding, Kalamazoo Specialty Plants
Claudio Pasian, Ohio State University
Cheryl Peters, JR Peters
Peter Scherzer, Ball Seed
Derek Schrof, Ball Seed
Thomas Smith, Four Star Greenhouse
Denise Snyder
David Steiner, Blackmore Company
Eugene Stickley, Ball Seed
Susie Stratton, Stratton
Abe VanWingerden, Metrolina Greenhouses, Inc
Mary Beth Wagner
Jim Wallitsch, Wallitsch Garden Center
Oliver Washington, Shore Acres Plant Farm
Jack Weatherford, Weatherford Farms
Wanda Weder, Highland Supply Corporation
Norm White, Whites
Bob Williams
David Williams, Williams Nursery
John Williams, Tagawa Greenhouse Enterprises, LLC
Joe Wojoiechowski, Wojo's Greenhouse
Ka Yeon Jeong
Craig Yoshida, Ball Seed Company