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America in Bloom is expanding our successful model of community improvement and civic beautification in new and bold ways. We have rolled out a new evaluation report that provides even more meaningful and relevant consultative feedback to communities. And we are preparing to launch an exciting initiative designed to help communities analyze and benchmark their efforts in key areas. Each of these efforts will help communities become more beautiful, self-sustaining, and livable. Now, more than ever, we are depending on you to make a financial commitment to AIB's future.

Additionally, we need to design and rebuild our website to provide more tools and resources to strengthen communities and to showcase the best ideas from AIB towns and cities across the country.
But we need your help to accomplish our goals. Please become a Friend of America in Bloom today with a $100 contribution. Your gift will help us reach more communities regarding the benefits of colorful trees and plants, enjoying cleaning environments, celebrating heritage, and planting pride through volunteerism.


Each volunteer member of AIB's board of directors is confident that our compelling story, properly showcased on an up-to-date website, will extend the reach of the community-building program we appreciate and love. So confident are we that each director has pledged to contribute or raise $1,000 to seed this effort. At a time when local efforts are so essential to communities, we invite YOU to join us by contributing $100 to this campaign.
Your contribution will help beautify and empower communities all across our country. On their behalf, we thank you for your commitment to become a Friend of America in Bloom. Please donate today.


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Consider America in Bloom in your long-term giving strategy. To make a charitable bequest, simply name America in Bloom as beneficiary of your assets, or by specifically declaring a generous gift for America in Bloom in your will or living trust. Or give now and watch your philanthropy take root and blossom. Learn more about AIB's Legacy Program, "Forever in Bloom."

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We are grateful for the generosity of all who support our ambitious goals with their time, talent, and resources. Our AIB Board, volunteer judges, generous sponsors, and donors all contribute greatly to ensure AIB has the resources to provide national leadership to support local communities. However, we need much greater support to expand our reach and the important message that volunteer leaders can and do transform their communities by improving economic vitality and overall quality of life. 

But we need your help to keep the momentum goingWe need everyone who shares the vision of America in Bloom to contribute to support the transformational work we're doing. Even if you have supported AIB in the past, please make another contribution now so that we can continue this important work at the community level. Every gift is tax-deductible and is used to make America bloom.


We're proud of the accomplishments of AIB communities, so here we are spotlighting the transformations occurring in two AIB towns - Castle Rock, Washington and Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Castle Rock, Washington sits atthe western base of Mount St Helens. Community leaders knew it needed a plan to attract businesses and visitors. That plan included marketing themselves as a beautiful place to be - and that meant getting involved in America in Bloom. Watch this video to see how AIB helped to transform Castle Rock.

Lewisburg, West Virginia already had in place many pieces emphasized by AIB. They had a well preserved downtown historic district, lots of floral displays, and several environmental initiatives. However, the entities responsible for these important pieces of downtown revitalization had no idea what the other groups were doing, and many times had no idea that the other groups even existed. AIB provided the cohesive framework to draw all the volunteer, civic and governmental organizations into the same room to better coordinate the beautification efforts and to designate a group project for the upcoming year that everyone could work on and take pride in accomplishing. Learn more about Lewisburg's involvement in AIB 

Castle Rock and Lewisburg are just 2 of the more than 250 communities that are involved in AIB and are helping to make America bloom.Help us continue our important work.


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Watch this 90-second video to learn how America in Bloom judges are making connections across the country. Then help us go the distance.

Every $1 you contribute gets us 1 mile closer to making America bloom. Please click here to donate.

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Ninety-three percent of all contributions go directly to programming costs, the remaining 7 percent assist with administrative costs and fundraising.

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