Youth Gardening

I Can Grow Guide for Educators
Perfect for teachers, youth group leaders and volunteers, the 55-page guide provides everything for starting, maintaining and sustaining an edible garden for youth.

The TurfMutt education program teaches 3rd through 5th grade students the science behind green spaces’ ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), release oxygen, cool the air, control dust, reduce erosion, and filter water.

Green Wave
A multi-year global campaign that enables children and youth to make a difference – one school, one tree, one step at a time. The Green Wave brings together children and youth from around the world to raise awareness about biodiversity, and the need to reduce its loss.

Trees for the 21st Century
Education plans, activities, and tree kits for kids ages 6-18.

An online destination that promotes health, a greener world and a vibrate community that creates and educates gardeners around the world.

Children & Nature Network
Building a movement to reconnect children with nature.

American Horticultural Society 
Acknowledges gardening as an inter-generational environment that can help develop social skills, enhance school’s curricula, bring families together, & emphasize the link between nature & food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Center for Ecoliteracy
Rethinking school lunch programs{|}

First Bloom
Children who may have limited access to the outdoors will have the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt and experience planting and gardening for the first time in their neighborhoods and our national parks.

The Food Project
Urban farming projects for youth

Food from the Hood
Ultimate city farming program

Garden Organic for Schools
A UK site that includes teacher resources, curriculum, and other resources.

Granny’s Garden
Remarkable all-organic landscape around an elementary school in Loveland, Ohio. Entirely self-funded. All volunteer. Special curriculum designed for use by teachers to supplement and enrich curriculum. {|}

Green Hour
Green Hour, an initiative to help parents find ideas for fun, educational outdoor activities for kids. The idea is that children will be encouraged to turn off their televisions, computers and video games to participate in "unstructured play and interaction with the natural world," spending time in the garden or park.

Part of the Rodale Institute’s Youth Educational Program dedicated to empowering children to make healthy choices for the environment & for themselves.

National Junior Master Gardener Program
International youth gardening program.

Project Orange Thumb
Provides garden tools and supplies to community gardening groups. 

Slow Food in Schools
A unique national program of garden to table projects with children that cultivates the senses and teaches an ecological approach to food.

Sustainable Table
School gardens and food projects.

Urban Mini-farming
Urban mini-farming offers unlimited  youth opportunities as well as financial opportunities.

Edible Schoolyard

National Gardening Association
Adopt A School Garden Program

EcoSchool Design
Seeks to assist schools, and those who care about them, in transforming paved schoolyards into vibrant ecosystems for outdoor learning.

The Bulb Project
This site features creative projects to help educators share the joys of growing flower bulbs with children and youth, and use bulbs to help teach science, art, history and other subjects.

Schoolyard Habitat Program