Dave Hunter

Crown Bees|
Woodinville, Washington

Dave Hunter is the founder and owner of Crown Bees, a native bee company from Woodinville that sells bees and products online, to nurseries and farmers. His experience with mason bees extends over two decades. Dave founded the commercial mason bee industry, Orchard Bee Association, and works with researchers to ensure that what Crown Bees practices is both ethical for the bee and efficient for the farmer/gardener. Crown Bees has a multi-channel focus from online sales to gardeners, wholesale nurseries, farmers, and researchers. Dave was on the advisory board for the 5 year USDA/SCRI Project Integrated Crop Pollinator, which focused on native bees for specialty crops. He co-authored the book The Mason Bee Revolution, and speaks to gardeners, farmers, and researchers throughout the year. He has been interviewed on multiple farming and gardener podcasts.