Tim France

Coshocton, Ohio

Tim has been serving as the Coshocton, Ohio Municipal Court Judge (an elected position) since 2006, currently serving his third 6-year term. He has been involved with the community in various capacities, including serving on the Board for Coshocton Community Housing, which provides homes for people with developmental disabilities. He is President of Coshocton is Blooming, a non-profit board established to participate in America in Bloom. His talent for planting and nurturing flowers began about 20 years ago when his daughter’s junior high track boosters raised funding by planting flowers in the 30 downtown planters. The planters were planted in May and were dead by July. He realized that someone needed to take more responsibility, so he hauled water in the back of his truck to keep the plants alive all summer; however, they were not thriving. The next year, he convinced the local Rotary Club to donate different flowers and the City of Coshocton to allow usage of their spigots and City water. He completed the Master Gardener Program through the Ohio State University Extension Office. He has personally designed and planted the Courthouse and City flowerbeds and helped Coshocton is Blooming obtain planters for every intersection in the City. Finally, he piloted a program to replace the old containers on Main Street to enhance the architecture of the City buildings. The planters have grown from 30 to over 400 which includes 96 hanging baskets.