Build a Pollinator Demonstration Garden

Inspire residents and visitors while they experience and enjoy a pollinator demonstration garden.

To maximize exposure to the public, incorporate a pollinator garden in a key location where there are many pedestrians and outdoor gatherings. A sunny location for the garden will allow plants to thrive and bloom. Start with a plan that includes plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and bees. Don’t hesitate to include edibles which also flower – herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Label each plant for identification.

A brochure can showcase the design layout and describe the plants that are in use and additional plants that are suitable for other gardens. Provide a bench so visitors can linger and tuck it under an arbor with a flowering vine to provide shade. Contact your local County Cooperative Extension Service for information about plants and gardens.

One way to use printed material up to 9” x 11’ in size on site, is to place them in a clear outdoor box. The “Full-Size Outdoor Realtor Brochure Box, Black” from Source One (SKU: OBH-2 CI) is an attractive option. Visit Bringing it indoors during a cold winter will extend its life.

Add your pollinator garden to the Million Pollinator Garden Map. Visit