Businesses Create Litter Free Zones

Create and promote a No Litter Zone program for commercial and retail businesses in your community.

This can be a no- to low-cost program where pledged participants commit to training their employees and contractors to monitor and pick-up litter on their business property daily, maintain well-groomed landscapes and remove graffiti immediately. Create a volunteer team to develop a pledge sheet and personally visit businesses to gather signatures and pledges. Be sure to recognize and share these business names publicly to encourage participation.

If desired, for a small expense, give participating businesses a window cling or other certificate that can be displayed at their front door to show their involvement. Review the success of their participation and each year re-visit the business to renew their commitment and improve over the previous year. Develop an annual, good-natured competition to recognized outstanding businesses and encourage pride in their community.

Keep America Beautiful offers many resources to help end littering, beautifying communities and graffiti prevention. The Beautify Decatur Coalition in Decatur, IL has been promoting a no- litter zone program call Keep Decatur Bee-utiful since 2012. Sponsors provide donations to off- set expenses and provide prizes for contest winners. But the real winner is the community!