Celebrating Great Gardens

Gardens that catch the eye show that someone is excelling at beautifying their yard or business and the community. Programs that recognize these efforts are an excellent way to award those who excel and encourage others to do the same.

Often these are called Yard of the Month although they could be Yard of the Week, Yard of the Quarter, or an imaginative name that resonates within your community. Groups that develop and manage these programs include municipalities, garden clubs, chambers of commerce, beautification organizations, realtors or neighborhood associations. Develop a set of guidelines, a judging team, and keep track of winners.

Garden recognition programs for residences and businesses are both good options. Typically, signs are placed in the award-winning garden for a pre-determined length of time and recognition is provided on web sites, in social media, and in newsletters. Provide businesses with an additional promotion using a framed certificate to display on storefront windows and/or inside where customers may linger.

These communities have recognition programs: