Creating a Chain Link Fence Mural

Creating a Chain Link Fence Mural
Decatur, Illinois

Inserting plastic cups in chain link fences is routinely done to promote High School teams. These signs or murals can last for years if the quality of the cups is enhanced.

The following installation is in progress in Decatur, Illinois by Beautify Decatur volunteers. This installation is yet another project to make an industrial commercial corridor more attractive.

ADM, the company that owns the fence, agreed to have a mural applied. The funding was provided by our generous donors including ADM.

We started BIG, with an installation that is 420 feet long. When completed, 36,960 cups will have been inserted which will require approximately 324 volunteer hours.

We used PUT-IN-CUPS, LLC for our installation. 1-800-506-7891.  

They designed the template based upon the artwork we submitted. They will provide the cups and an 8.5”x11” template. To speed up the installation process we had a local printer blow up the template so we could hang a full-size color template behind each fence section. One of our ingenious volunteers also used PVC elbows and short sections of PVC pipe to create push in tools for the cups that are more difficult due to fence damage.


for 273 feet that’s 28 sections for $9,856

for 166 feet that’s 17 sections for $5,984

for 544 feet that’s 55 sections for $19,360