Fundraising for Flowers

Flowers are generally received with great enthusiasm by residents and business owners as they are a sign that a community takes care of the things people treasure.

Flowers are like a neon sign that attracts the eye and announces that this is special community. For these reasons, asking for sponsorship of flower displays – hanging baskets, containers, and flower beds – can generate enough revenue for volunteers to be able to implement these programs without depending on the financial support of the municipality.

Sponsorship of baskets or containers can be as high as $150 each. Remember it is not just the purchase and planting, but the maintenance that must be paid for. One AIB community offered subtle attractive signage noting who sponsored each basket. If a container is in front of a business, the business owner might be asked to water it. Sponsorship of flower beds would be at a set fee – $250 would be reasonable – and a subtle attractive sign recognizing the sponsor would be set in the bed. A stroll down the street would show residents and visitors who sponsored the baskets, containers, and flower beds.