Fundraising Ideas for Your In Bloom Program

Fundraising Ideas for Your In Bloom Program
Jim Chennault, Castle Rock, Washington

The core fundraising for Castle Rock Blooms is the business/organization sponsorships of the downtown and uptown floral containers. The year is divided into two seasons: Holiday/Winter Pansies and Summer Planters. Each participant sponsors $50 per planter for each season, so 2 planters = $100 per season or $200 per year. Businesses often sponsor multiple planters.

Many of the materials of fertilizer and soil are donated or the money needed to purchase is donated. Blooms volunteers grow the plants from liners which keeps costs down. Seasonal decorations and supplies (such as tools) are donated or purchased on sale to keep costs minimal. We also invite businesses to add a bit to their sponsorship dollars to raise more funds. Many of them do that.

Every year we come up with something new to add to the core fundraising activity of sponsorships. There was an urgency to raise more money in 2023 because of the rent to be paid each month for the rented space.

T-Shirts with the Blooms Logo: Paid $7.50. For a $20 donation, anyone may have one. We also plan to give as a “Thank You” for Bloom Team volunteers and sponsors of Blooms.

Envelope Boards: Choose an envelope of any denomination and write a check or give cash and put it in the envelope. Anyone can participate and contribute.

Donation Jars: Placed at local businesses. While not a lot of money, it was consistent and kept our fundraising goals in front of the public.

Raising funds for Castle Rock Celebrating Heritage initiated the growing of Lewisia cotyledon to not only raise funds but raise awareness about the Lewis & Clark Expedition’s contributions to the identifying and cataloging of plants the explorers found along the trail. It has been a popular endeavor and educational for the community as well.