Alex Pearl

Horticulture Educator|
Centerville, Ohio

Alex Pearl, Centerville, Ohio has been an America in Bloom judge since AIB’s inception. He is among the founding individuals. Alex’s affiliation began as a judge during AIB’s 2001 pilot program under the tutelage of Communities in Bloom. Alex’s career has taken him in many different directions. He has held responsible positions in higher education, public Horticulture, private industry, and his own business. Alex currently serves in a volunteer capacity as a Park District Commissioner for his hom town Park District. He previously retired from the State of Ohio where he taught Vocational Horticulture for the Ohio Central School System, a charter school of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Alex holds Horticulture degrees from the State University of New York, New Mexico State University, A Masters in Botanical Garden Management from the University of Delaware and Teaching credentials from The Ohio State University. His is an active member of various trade and amateur Horticultural organizations. His long association with “In Bloom” programs through America in Bloom and Communities in Bloom has taken him to cities across both countries and Europe. He is a strong advocate of the benefits “In Bloom” programs provide citizens and the overall communities. Alex’s motto is “plants change lives.” Alex is honored to contribute to planting pride in your community.