Jennifer Fidler

Landscaping Consultant|

Jennifer is a 1992 graduate of Auburn University in the field of Horticulture and landscape Design. She worked for city government for over 24 years in Eufaula and Fairhope, Alabama. In Eufaula, she initiated the city’s first horticulture and arboriculture programs. She helped develop numerous programs including Trees Eufaula, a tree memorial and honorary program; Eufaula Pride, a civic pride group; and Sustainable Eufaula, a program promoting sustainable environmental techniques and promoted by Audubon International. She earned a master’s degree in education from Troy State University in Phenix City. As a part of her commitment to the City of Eufaula, she developed a kindergarten through fifth grade curriculum that met the states CORE curriculum for Science. In conjunction with the written curriculum, a landscape plan was designed for Sanford Street Elementary School. The design included butterfly gardens, annual beds, potential tree planting sites, water features and bird nesting sites; all with outlined lesson plans that co-related to the grade appropriate curriculum guidelines. She is a Master Gardener, Certified Arborist, and licensed Pesticide Applicator. She has served on the board and as President of the Alabama Urban Forestry Association. She led the City of Eufaula to compete in the Nations in Bloom program in 2000.

Moving to Fairhope in February 2001, she led a premiere Public Works Department, showcasing one of the nation’s largest floral programs for a city its size. Not only the Director of Public Works, Jennifer enforced regulation regarding tree planting, tree removal and tree pruning on properties regulated by the City’s tree ordinance. Competing in 2001 and 2016 in the America in Bloom competition, Fairhope took home three awards, including best in population – 2001, best in population – 2016, and Urban Forestry – 2016. Fairhope was also designated to be in AIB’s “Circle of Champions”- 2016. Fairhope’s horticulture program more than doubled in size from 2001 to 2016 and the city has become not only a tourist destination, but a top place to retire in the nation.

Today she is a consultant for communities desiring to create a more vibrant city through landscaping.