Laurie Lafferty


Laurie Lafferty is a retired teacher with a master’s degree in education. After 25 years in the classroom, Laurie retired and moved to Arroyo Grande, California, a long time America in Bloom community. Within months of arriving in Arroyo Grande, Laurie began volunteering with Arroyo Grande in Bloom. A year and a half later, Laurie took over the floral displays position on the Arroyo Grande in Bloom board and spent 10 years growing the program. Through family ties to the flower industry, Laurie fostered a working relationship with Ball Horticultural Company to fill the containers and landscaped areas with annual and perennial flowers. Because of the generosity of the Ball Horticultural family of businesses, who continue to donate 90% of the plant material for the floral program, Arroyo Grande’s beautification program blossomed and garnered multiple awards and 5 bloom ratings through Laurie’s tenure. As a Master Gardener, Laurie spent time advising home gardeners through the Master Gardener Help Line, teaching sessions on floral display design, and use of drought tolerant and low water use plants and succulents in containers. Laurie began advising for America in Bloom in 2016 and is currently the Advisor Coordinator.