1. Register your community for the Level 3 Program today.

Participants in the America in Bloom Program include communities of all sizes, business districts, college and university campuses, and military installations. There’s a category just right for your community.

Registration deadline is February 28.

Please complete and submit the online registration form. Registration fee is on a sliding scale based on your category and population:

Easy way to save:

Register before December 31 and receive $100 off your registration.
Earn a 25% discount on your registration for each new community you recruit.

2. Form a local “In Bloom” committee.

Committees may include a member of the municipal council, members of service groups, businesses, garden clubs, historical societies, or others interested in horticulture, heritage, and improving community life, volunteers of all types, and media. Engage municipal departments such as parks and recreation, economic development, and tourism, too.

3. Survey, plan, implement.

Inventory your community’s assets, interests, and abilities in each of the areas of impact America in Bloom Advisors will evaluate:

  • Communitiy Vitality
  • Floral Impact
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Urban Forestry
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Overall Impression

Encourage volunteers of every demographic to participate.

Inform and engage the media.

Prepare a community profile that summarizes your achievements in the evaluated areas (a template will be provided).

Develop an itinerary for the Advisors’ tour.

4. Host the Advisors for a couple days.

Specially trained, experienced advisors typically visit towns of similar population. They offer suggestions based on successes they’ve seen in other cities that can be adapted to your community.

Two professional volunteer America in Bloom Advisors will visit your community. Provide lodging for up to three nights and provide a comprehensive tour for them.

5. Attend the America in Bloom Symposium and Awards Program.

At the symposium and awards, you will get ideas by networking with other participants. Learn from outstanding speakers and tours. Celebrate your achievements. Be recognized for the efforts of everyone who helped to make a difference.

6. After the Symposium and Awards Program.

Review the Advisors’ evaluation report. It provides useful, practical, and personalized ideas for improvements.

Use it as a template and springboard for new projects and programs.

Register to participate in the America in Bloom Level 3 Program for the following year.