Create a Seasonal Banner Program

Banners on fixed poles create a festive atmosphere as they entice visitors into downtowns and celebrate events or initiatives. They can also be used as wayfinding signs to specific attractions.

Develop a plan for their location on existing poles and the events and/or seasons to celebrate. If the poles are along roadways in the municipal right of way, the municipality will need to be a major partner. The use of municipal staff and equipment may be the only option due to the logistics of hazardous conditions dealing with height, traffic, parked vehicles, and pedestrians.

Create a policy for their use: i.e. hang for a maximum 30 days, must be removed within five days, applicant delivers and picks up banners, be made of noncombustible material, be weatherproof, design must be approved by municipality, advertising rules, etc. To raise funds, you may want to allow sponsors to add their names to each banner. Below is a weblink for an example of a special event banner policy and application form from AIB community Winter Park, FL.

Banners can be added to existing light poles using special brackets and clamps. They can also be combined with hanging baskets. If no poles are available, additional less expensive poles without lights can be added to expand the range of visual attraction. Since banners require less maintenance than living plants and transcend the growing season for plants, banners may be easier to implement than hanging baskets.