Find Partners to Grow and Maintain Gardens

Gardens attract gardeners of all ages and types, but everyone does not have a place to garden. Your community may need more gardens (are there ever enough?) or need gardeners to tend the ones already in place.

There are many programs nationwide that match gardeners with gardens whether they are in parks, along roadways, or at buildings. The first step is to locate existing gardens that need help and where new garden opportunities exist. Then develop guidelines and seek out sponsors who can provide funds and volunteers to provide sweat equity.

Include signage recognizing the sponsor(s) and post recognition on web sites and social media. Master Gardeners (through the local County Cooperative Extension Service) and garden clubs can lend expertise with gardening skills. Connect the gardens to the gardeners and provide them with a learning experience.

These are many communities that have completed this journey:

A pollinator garden:

At a county fair:

At a botanical garden: