Flowers that Welcome at Gateways

Flowers are an important way to welcome visitors – and residents – to your community.

As you look at the welcome signs at the various gateways to your community, check to see if they feel welcoming and inviting. Of course, the signage itself must be attractive and effective – flowering plants add the pizzazz.

If colorful flowers are planted in the landscape surrounding an entrance sign, they will draw attention and say “hello” to those who enter. It is important to remember that these flower beds will be viewed from a moving vehicle, so the colors should be bold and planted in mass. No fussy details here. Also, wherever flowers are planted, it is important to remember that they must be well- maintained. No trash, weeds, dead plants, or dead flower heads should greet visitors. Flowers call attention to themselves and all that surrounds them. A well-maintained colorful flower bed at the entrances to a community announces – “We are a community that cares!”

For information as to the best varieties of flowers to plant, visit local botanic gardens and garden centers, and check with your county cooperative extension office.