AIB Offers a Unique and Engaging Sponsorship Opportunity

AIB introduces a Virtual Showcase for all Symposium in the Sky sponsors. This Virtual Showcase will include a 360-degree image of AIB community Holland, Michigan and will allow sponsors to add their own custom hotspot. This innovative experience allows you to show off your company’s feature products and services and how they can be used in communities.

Explore our sample showcase by:

  • Clicking on the sample hotspots for more information
  • Click and hold your mouse on the image and you can tour the full 360
  • Zoom in for a closer look
Free Sponsorship Hotspot

Use your custom hotspot to promote your brand to communities with one of the following options:

  • Highlight your brand’s popular YouTube video, or create a video clip just for AIB
  • Promote a product with an image, description, and a link for more information
  • Expand your Social Media following by encouraging AIB participants to follow your feeds
  • Tell people a little more about your company by including your logo and brief description of your products and services
Make a Bigger Impact
Custom Image Placement

To make a bolder statement, we can add your products or company logo right into the 360 image for bigger visibility. Some ideas include: adding plants into the garden, changing the storefront signs to include company name and logo, adding a planter to the sidewalk, and much more. Our marketing partners at ZRB will help you with ideas to best fit your company. (Additional Fees Apply). Note custom placements are at a first come, first serve basis, so contact AIB to confirm your spot today.

Custom 360!

We are also offering a chance to create your own 360 interactive experience. Whether you want to highlight your showroom, trial gardens, or a community setting with your products in use, ZRB will help you with all the steps needed. Your 360 digital experience can be filled with your own, unlimited hotspots to engage your audience. Not only will your 360 be linked from the AIB Virtual Showcase, but you can share it on your Social Media channels and even embed it in your own website. (Additional Fees Apply)View Samples for More Inspiration.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a sponsor, and leveraging your sponsorship. Contact the AIB office via email or 614-453-0744.