America in Bloom’s Seven Areas of Impact

America in Bloom’s seven areas of impact can help your community become more beautiful and vibrant.

Community Vitality

Policies, programs, and outdoor activities and facilities that lead to a vibrant community and a sense of well-being. Includes parks, playgrounds, dog parks, sports fields, water activities, trails, and other outdoor recreational opportunities.

Floral Impact

Flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs, tropical plants, flowering topiaries, and colorful foliage and/or cut plant material for season-round interest in containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, raised planters, trellises, and in-ground beds.

Landscaped Areas

Plants and related programs for the leadership, design, installation, and maintenance of landscape (shrubs, ornamental grasses, vines, evergreen topiaries), turf, and groundcovers.

Urban Forestry

Trees and related programs for the leadership, management, design, installation, and maintenance on public and private lands.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental leadership, policies, plans and programs for resource conservation; pollution control; trash, recycling, and reuse; and alternative fuel vehicles.

Celebrating Heritage

Recognition, designation, protection, commemoration, and celebration of historical, cultural, natural, agricultural, and industrial resources.

Overall Impression

Adequate and effective amenities are provided in good condition, and the community is welcoming and beautiful.

Earn National Awards

After evaluation, we celebrate! Every year we present a series of awards that recognizes the diverse achievements and successes of participating communities and our supporters.

Population Award

Similar sized communities are grouped together. Population awards are bestowed upon only ONE entrant from each category.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The “best of the best” awards in each of the seven areas of impact (plus community involvement): community vitality, flowers, landscaped areas, urban forestry, environmental efforts, celebrating heritage, and overall impression. These awards only go to one entrant among ALL the AIB entrants across ALL categories. Entrants may nominate themselves.

Special Awards

The 10 surprise award categories change year to year and are kept secret until the winners are announced. Only the Advisors know the awards for each year, so it’s a surprise when the winners are announced.

Community Champion

This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies community leadership through actions that reflect the America in Bloom mission. Learn more.

YouTube Video Award

Given to an entrant who best uses the power of YouTube to showcase the impact of participating in America in Bloom. This is a People’s Choice Award so it’s a great chance to rally your community for the voting! Learn how you could win $1,500.

Want to see videos from AIB communities? The AIB YouTube Channel has what you’re looking for.

Spirit Award

Honors an organization whose goals and accomplishments are synergistic with those of America in Bloom. This award is not given annually. See past winners.

A Dedicated Team of Advisors

Participating communities are evaluated by specially-trained voluntaryAdvisors. Coming to us from diverse professional backgrounds, they champion community improvements via visits and a detailed written evaluation and report. Our dedicated Advisors also provide mentorship through continued coaching and consultations. We estimate together they donate at least 6,000 hours of their time per year, and we couldn’t do our work without them.

Support America in Bloom

There are many ways to show your support and engage with our national beautification and improvement efforts. Local volunteers spread awareness and organize their communities. Interested in volunteering? Learn more.

Sponsorships, tax-free donations, auctions, and raffles fund our programs and activities. Interested in financially supporting America in Bloom? Learn more.

National volunteers lead our board and serve as Advisors. Interested in serving on the Board? Learn more.