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Schedule and Contact Information for 2024 AIB Communities 

Contact Information for 2024 AIB Advisors 

Past Evaluations (Up to 2 Years) for Previous Participating Communities

Advisors Guide

Advisor Expectations and Preparation

AIB PowerPoint to Use in Community for Presentations


Style Guides

Resources and Tutorials


Ordering AIB Apparel

  • America In Bloom has set up an online store through Lands’ End. Advisors can go directly there by clicking on this link: http://business.landsend.com/store/aib. Once there you will be asked to set up your own account where you can order shirts and have them sent directly to you. You may wish to save this link on your favorites.
  • AIB will reimburse advisors as follows:
    • New advisors will be reimbursed for two shirts.
    • Existing advisors will be reimbursed for one shirt.
    • Cost of each shirt, not including logo ($6.95), is not to exceed $50.
    • Once you create your account you will have access to promo and coupons that can save you money. Many give free logos, shipping, or offer sale prices on selected items.
    • We can also email promo codes to you when we receive them.
    • Any additional shirts purchased will be at your own expense.
  • Submit an expense report and receipt to be reimbursed for your shirt(s).
  • Note: you are not required to purchase a new shirt each year if last year’s still looks good.


  • AIB Auctions Guidelines
  • Community Profile Template Sent to Communities
  • Communities are encouraged to self-nominate for the awards: 
    • Outstanding Achievement Awards – These awards recognize excellence in the AIB criteria. Deadline for communities to submit nominations is July 31. Download form.
    • Special Awards – Deadline for communities to submit nominations is July 31. Will be available in April.
    • Community Champion Award – This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies leadership through actions that reflect the America in Bloom mission. Deadline to submit nominations is July 31. Here is the link for a community to nominate someone.  
    • YouTube AwardLearn more. Due by August 26.